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You may of noticed that there has been very little activity of the Fused Blog – that is because we have a swanky new website. Check it out here at


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Fused Fave Mr Jon Bounds – the man behind the wonderful ‘Birmingham its Not Shit‘ site has this wonderful idea that could be either a complete sign of madness or genius – you decide:

The fine folks of Birmingham are invited to spend eleven hours on the famous eleven bus (which takes you on a tour of Birmingham’s outer circle – the longest urban bus routes in Europe) on the eleventh of November – hence 11-11-11.

On the eleventh of November we’re inviting anyone with an interest to spend eleven hours on the eleven bus starting at eleven am in “Birmingham: It’s Not Shit’s 11 11 11” (yes I know there’s four elevens there really, but even the alliteration starts to drag after a bit). The rules are

  • Get on the 11C at 11am (or as near as dammit) on 11/11.
  • Get off the 11C at 10pm — 11 hours later — (or as near as dammit) on 11/11.
  • You can get on and off the bus as many times as you like (don’t spend more than an hour off bus).
  • Document your journey; photos, film, writing, cross-stitch, knitting, amigurumi, poetry, blog, twitter, however you like.
  • Meet up with others as mad as you, if you want.
  • Record everything here — or on your own space and link us up.

The idea is that a snapshot of the real Birmingham from a number of different people will emerge, one that’s unedited, unspun, and unwashed. Circling the city will force the gaze inward, focussing our attention exclusively on our municipality. It’ll also freak out the drivers, who normally expect passengers to have a destination in mind.

We look forward to seeing the results which will hopefully make a wonderful archive and a potentially great art exhibition.

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Buy Art from the Underground

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the roundel – the symbol for London Underground and London’s transport system – Art on the Underground has commissioned 100 artists to make new works that celebrate this design classic.

A special pair of prints of all 100 works have been produced. One of each pair will be included in the London Underground permanent collection along with works by Man Ray and Edward McKnight Kauffer. The other – signed and numbered – is to be sold by online auction.

Among there great artists involved there is a brilliant Birmingham presence from Simon and Tom Bloor:

and Juneau Projects:

They sit happily amongst Peter Blake, Jeremy Deller, Mark Ticthner and loads more… Go to ebay to see all 100 and check out the prices.

Online bidding is open until 21:00 on 29 October.

<!–You can view these works at the A Foundation Gallery in East London until October 30.

You can bid online at the auction which starts at 21:00 on 19 October and closes at 21:00 on October 29. Terms and conditions apply.

–>All prints are 1016mm x 635mm and can be purchased framed or unframed.

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Hello Digital

Hello Digital’, the Midlands first digital festival, comes to Birmingham’s Millennium Point this October 23rd-26th. The free four-day event will feature animations, music, videos, robots and games from top names in the digital community and we’ve picked out a few of our favourite events to look out for.

Birmingham promoters Capsule will be creating ‘Home of Metal’ an online digital archive to celebrate the West Midlands as the home of Heavy metal music. Fans of Judas Priest, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are invited to join in by bringing along their band memorabilia to a series of open days.

Starting on the 25th October at Wolverhampton Art Gallery the first event coincides with the 40th anniversary of when the term ‘heavy metal’ was coined by music journalist Lester Bangs when describing Black Sabbath.

Stories, images and memories will be collected and digitised to take pride in the region’s claim as the home of metal and Capsule have also commissioned photographer Steve Gerrard to produce a series of portraits of metal fans from the region, which will be on display at the official launch event in October.

Plus Expo’sField of Light’ project uses over 200 low energy light bulbs to create a tranquil interactive illumination across the atrium at Millennium Point. Light and sound will be programmed to create the effect of a field in bloom, which will move and sway to the light.

The Field is fully interactive therefore anyone from anywhere can get involved by changing the field through a simple sequencer on the website that controls the settings ( Just register on the website and create your own light sequence and if enough people like it it will be played for people across the world to watch on the live webcam.

For more information on all the events taking place see

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The Pigeon Detectives at HMV, Birmingham

Wanna meet the Pigeon Detectives?

WHAT:     signing session

WHERE:    HMV Birmingham, High Street

WHEN:     Wednesday 22nd October at 6.00 pm

The Pigeon Detectives celebrate the release of their new single, ‘Say It Like You Mean It’, with a meeting with the fans at HMV’s High Street store in Birmingham on 22nd October.

The band will be at the store from 6.00 pm to meet fans and sign copies of the new single which is released on Monday 20th October through Dance To The Radio.

HMV website

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Converse with 1HUND(RED) contributors to Exhibit

Converse 1HUND(RED) Artist Exhibit

On 10th October – 31st October Converse will be having a exhibition at the store on Carnaby St in London featuring appearances by leading Converse 1HUND(RED) contributors Ben Drury, David Rainbird and Precious McBane, the preview will allow guests to view the collections and meet the artists behind the designs.  An impressive roster of talent from acclaimed artists in the worlds of music, art and fashion, other 1HUND(RED) Artists contributors work on display will also include new designs from Basso and Brooke, Gary Hume, Umbereen Quereshi, and Camilla Engman.

Additionally, Converse offers the capability to give the public a chance to express their originality with MAKE MINE RED

This is certainly not an opertunity to be missed. for more information about the collection or exhibition please click the link above.

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Field Of Light

From 23 to 26 October the atrium at Millennium Point, Birmingham, will be covered in a Field of Light – with 120 fabulously coloured, energy-efficient glow lights. However, UKType have made it worldwide so you don’t have to be in Birmingham to experience the Field as there will be a web-cam so you’ll be able to watch it anytime a day through via the internet. The Field is also fully interactive so you can control what the Field does. There is a website with a really simple sequencer that will allow you to programme how the lights react. Before the website goes public UKType are looking for a few people to test it out and to see what they think.
If this sounds interesting, simply go to and register yourself with the site. Then if you fancy it go to the sequencer page where you can create your own light sequence.


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