Feel The Heat

Fused was invited to Marketing Birmingham’s ‘Feel The Heat’ campaign launch at the Jam House last night.  Hosted by Adrian Goldberg the night had music from the CBSO and ballet from The Birmingham Royal Ballet Company (unfortunately I can’t comment on either as the music was a little quiet and I didn’t get a chance to see the ballet thanks to taller people infront of me blocking the way).

The official line on FEEL THE HEAT is: “The time is right for Birmingham to re-assert its cultural credentials. The city has the breadth, scale and quality of arts events to inspire residents and visitors alike, who can enjoy the arts offer all year round.”
“We’re going to put Birmingham’s cultural gems in the spotlight, just as we’re doing with our food, fashion and sport campaigns. With the support of the city’s arts organisations we’ll make the media, visitors and tourists sit up and take notice of who’s here, what’s here and why Birmingham is the hottest ticket for arts and culture.”

Obviously we’ve known that for years and FUSED has been championing and featuring the Birmingham Arts Scene over the past 7 years  but we were surprised by the people that weren’t in attendance for the launch including key figures that have helped shape the scene from roots level up.

The night was topped off by an ‘entertaining’ set from Ocean Colour Scene who were on decent enough form for their home crowd.


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