Cold Rice Underground

Having just fully recovered from a cracking Cold Rice night on Friday a big thank you goes to the main host Mr Stevie Copter.

If you haven’t been to a Cold Rice then I don’t want to give too much away apart from saying it is a “rock n’ roll event operating primarily in Birmingham, England. We used to be monthly on a Sunday, then we moved to a weekly Saturday and now it’s just whenever the hell we feel like it. Garage trash, punk blues, rock & roll, rock & soul, electric, eclectic it’s all good…”

Now this wonderment, that takes place in a very secret location in Birmingham, isn’t open to just anyone – oh no! You have to be a fully fledged member of the Cold Rice community and if you wanna know what all the fun is about (and see Fused usually enjoying a tipple or two)  then see check out their myspace.


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