Click For Art Winter Show

Just 500 yards from the Mailbox and the Bullring Click For Art are transforming an old furniture salesroom into a splendid big old art gallery to exhibit work from our 50 international Artists. Work will be available to buy from the Show
in time for Christmas.

They will be exhibiting & selling limited edition canvasses and framed prints from all our innovative, contemporary artists; Nik Ainley, Lucy Allen, Rachel
Allsop, Morten Andersen, Eugene Artsebasov, Adhemas Batista, Marcos Beira, Jeroen Callewaert, Jamie Carter, Chuck U, Si Clark, Liz Clements, Dist, Tim
Drake, Drawcaliber, Neil Duerden, Ede, Fired Ink, Fran, Geraldine Georges, Susan Graham, Mike Harrison, Ben Hewitt, Olly Howe, Huebucket, Alys Jones, Vicky Jones, Simon Kenworthy, Magnus Kjall, Yee Ting Kuit, Ku u be, Daniel Hyun Lim, David Mascha, Stephen McCarthy, Guy McKinley, Chris Miller, Miss Lotion, Mistershrew, Perttu Murto, Mopa, Neryl, Nitrocorpz, Peter Nowacki, RA 909, Rubens LP, Sheesh, Sumeco, Rourke Van Dal, Jamie Wengradt, Dawn Williams and Wooper.



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