News from Envy and Other Sins

After winning Mobile Act Unsigned Envy and Other Sins have been very busy boys.

Their new album is going to be called “We Leave At Dawn”, and the track list looks like this:
Morning Sickness
Almost Certainly Elsewhere
Step Across
Man Bites God
Don’t Start Fires
The Company We Keep
(It Gets Harder to be a) Martyr
Talk To Strangers

It is due out on the 31st March and follows single ‘Highness’ which is released on the 3rd March.

They are also heading out on a mammoth tour around the UK that takes in their hometown of Birmingham (Bar Academy 7th march). Check here for tour dates.

And if you want to know exactly all the things the boys have been up to since winning Mobile Act then “MobileAct – Envy & Other Sins – The Winner’s Story” will be shown on Channel 4 as follows: On Saturday the 1st of March at 9:00am and on Sunday the 30th of March at 9:30am.


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