Junea Projects Need You!


“Juneau Projects” is artists Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler, who
have been working together on art and music projects since 2001. Based in
Birmingham, Juneau Projects make records, perform live and exhibit their
work in art galleries.

In the past the duo have used mobile phones, computers, camcorders,
dictaphones and CD walkmans in their work, often delighting audiences by
destroying them to make unexpected sounds. They are also interested in
nature and use characters and images of animals and birds to tell stories
about how we think and feel about nature in the 21st century.

This spring, Birmingham-based collaborative duo Juneau Projects will transform the artists’ studio at The New Art Gallery Walsall into a ‘drop-in’ recording studio where visitors can write and record songs in collaboration with the artists.

They are looking for all kinds of musicians and singers to work on a collaborative album. If you are interested in contributing to the project, drop in and see the duo at the New Art Gallery in Walsall.

During their two month residency, Juneau Projects will be developing their on-line record label Juneau Records, and with the participation of local bands and residents, they hope to develop a number of ‘new releases’. Juneau Records is an on-going collaborative project.

For other Juneau Projects check out their website: www.juneaurecords.co.uk


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