Fierce Art: Birmingham’s International Performance Festival

The UK’s most eclectic live art festival returns to locations across Birmingham this month. The Fierce! programme of events reflects their reputation for bringing some of the world’s most inventive performers to the West Midlands. Fierce! brings you a festival that rebels against the conventions of the arts, and features prominent artists such as DV8, Motionhouse Dance, Julian Cope, Desperate Optimists and the Pacitti Company.

This year introduces ‘My Fierce Festival’ featuring nine events that the public selected itself. These include ‘I Told it To A Mannequin’, proving it is good to talk to plastic people, ‘The Fete Encounter’ complete with Punch and Judy and plenty of bunting, and a chance to experience ‘The Moment Before We Kiss’ – yes, you can actually savour the moment with the artist himself.

The festival runs from 21st May until 1st June. For more information please go to


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