For those who heart SOULWAX…..

For those who heart Soulwax, Peaches and Nancy Whang….. here is your dream…….



A film by Soulwax and Saam Farahmand

Released 8th SEPTEMBER on PIAS Recordings

‘Part Of The Weekend Never Dies’ is a documentary into Radio Soulwax, a touring concept that for the past three years has showcased the talents of four Belgians (Soulwax) who themselves; programmed and promoted, DJ’d and played live each and every night alongside a revolving array of their friends and some of the most exciting acts in modern music, travelling relentlessly through the four corners of the globe under the banner of ‘Radio Soulwax’.

Recorded over 120 shows with one camera in Europe, Japan, US, Latin America and Australia with acclaimed young director Saam Farahmand; The result is 2 films; ‘Part Of The Weekend Never Dies’ – A documentary that captures the adulation, debauchery, ebullience, reflection, cynicism, tiredness, despair, delusion, ridiculousness, contradiction, revelation, exhaustion, homesickness of the life of a DJ/band on the road, which includes 2manydj’s, Soulwax Nite Versions live footage and also features James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Justice, Busy P, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné & Klaxons in behind the scenes footage and interviews. The second is a live film that captures perfectly the blissful & beautiful sonic malevolence of Soulwax’s Nite Versions blitzkrieg.

While dance & rock bands may have been unlikely bedfellows for some time now, there is something wonderfully odd about Soulwax, a schizophrenic ball of ideas and sound, constantly evolving into new shapes, complications and identities. There is the stoner rock band that at least partially shuns the stoning in favour of ichat, tea + Japanese cakes. Then there is 2Manydjs: The quiet, thoughtful and pensive Dewaele brothers who morph into marauding puppet-masters that can manipulate and court exultation amongst any dancefloor, tent, field or soundsystem anywhere in the world with almost Machiavellian and orchestral precision. Then to just confuse it all further Nite Versions saw them remixing themselves in a nod to the Human Leagues ‘Love + Dancing’ set, twisting their ‘difficult’ third album ‘Any Minute Now’ into an even harder-meaner techno stabbing electro backbreaker and touring it live. Then!!! to follow that by compiling an album of their own (much loved & critically acclaimed) remixes for other people and perform them all live as well, the production side of their outfit and their krautrock side-project pretty much lays them on the couch for deep psychological analysis. Soulwax are officially confused workaholics!

Part of the weekend Never Dies is purely and simply a documentation of four guys making people forget everything and lose their shit, day in, day out. It captures the uniqueness of what Radio Soulwax is and was to people all around the world. Not just the euphoria and revelation but the cold sweaty comedown, the butterflies of love or nausea, the adoration of music, the party and the crescendo and most importantly sharing & friendship and as far removed from the notion of the pill-popping superstar DJ as you could healthily get.

Directed by Partizan director Saam Farahmand and Soulwax together, Saam has made acclaimed promo videos for the likes of Janet Jackson, Hot Chip, Hercules & Love Affair, Late of the Pier and Lightspeed Champion amongst others and last year collaborated with Klaxons on four videos, winning the ‘CAD music week award’ for Best Director along the way and has a bright future ahead of him as one of the UK’s most innovative young film makers.

“Part of the Weekend Never Dies” will have its premiere at the Ether Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 24 April. This will be followed by a full Radio Soulwax tour featuring Soulwax, 2manydjs & an array of guests and new talent where the film will also be screened.

2008 tour dates :

Jul 10 Traffic Parco della Pellerina, Turin Italy – Radio Soulwax
Jul 11 Exit Festival, Serbia – Radio Soulwax + Film
Jul 12 Monogros, Spain – Soulwax & 2manyDJs
Jul 18 Summercase, Barcelona Spain – 2manyDJs
Jul 19 Summercase, Madrid Spain – 2manyDJs
Jul 25 Nova Era beach party, Porto Portugal – 2manyDJs
Jul 26 Sasha Beach or CapituloV Algarve Portugal – 2manyDJs
Aug 15 Ola Festival, Almería, Spain – 2manyDJs & Soulwax
Aug 17 Space, Ibiza Spain – 2manyDJs
Aug 23 Creamfields, Liverpool – 2manyDJs
Aug 24 SW4, London UK – Soulwax
Aug 24 Creamfields, Liverpool UK – Soulwax
Aug 24 Digital, Newcastle UK – 2manyDJs
Aug 26 Ibiza Rock, Ibiza – Soulwax & 2manyDJs
Aug 29 Manumission, Ibiza – 2manyDJs

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies will be released in September on DVD+CD on [PIAS] Recordings.
Watch the trailer on:


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