I So Wish …

Here is a neat idea from Stef Lewandowski and Andrew Dubber.

For those of you, like today maybe, who gaze out of the window looking at the rain and think ‘I wish I was on a beach’ (that is my current wish BTW) then why not share it with the rest of the world?

Get if off your chest, tell people your desires…go to I So Wish and see if it comes true. It is like the internet version of pulling a wishbone or blowing out your birthday cake candles accept you tell everyone else.

It is a simple site where you add your name and state your wish and read other peoples. It is an interesting experience seeing what other people wish – it puts life in perspective too from the frivolous to the heart wrenching.

The website was built in just a day by Stef and to accompany it Andrew wrote an e-book of 10,000 words, also in a day, as he explains:

The book is equal parts your standard goal-setting workshop and project management – but applied to personal rather than business management ends. The blurb on the landing page explains it pretty well.

Obviously, all my wishes haven’t come true. I’m not wealthy and nor do I have a comprehensive classic jazz vinyl collection or an amazing array of rare single malts. But I have lots of other good stuff in my life, and I’m working on those last few. They seem like they might be achievable things to attain over the course of my life.

I can’t promise you that reading this book will make all of your wildest dreams come true – but I can share with you some of the strategies and techniques I’ve learned and developed over the years in order to make as many of the wishes that I can come true.

None of it is magic, and not all of it is luck. Sometimes we can actually go about making wishes that come true – and, if we know how, we can do it deliberately.

Big wishes, small wishes, vague hopes, lifelong goals. Knowing how to do that is, I think, the best way to become someone who, like me, considers themselves very fortunate indeed.

So go forth and wish …


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