NEW Collection by SKUNKFUNK

A Collection by SKUNKFUNK…………….

The SKUNKFUNK 2008-09 autumn/winter collection takes a detailed look at pre-war Berlin. Using this vision to create a collection that incorporates elements deriving from this situation into fashions, inspiration such as touching up used garments instead of buying new ones, like using almost over-the-top accessories to bring live to their outfits. A collection that brings trends to the limit, with restructured, multifunctional garments, but softened by groups of colour that, as always, feature green as the star colour.ombine with prints that keep up the SKUNKFUNK iconography. And, since it could be no other way in a pre-war era, the fabrics also reflect this inspiration, including water-resistant fabrics, thick cottons and woollen cloth for the more elegant and sophisticated garment.

This collection includes the first line of trademark leather garments. Reprising SKUNKFUNK bestsellers, updated in dyed leather and with different washes, quirky designs but still very wearable, with a used appearance.


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