Your chance to star in a film about Nick Cave

Curator and gallery director Gavin Wade of Eastside Projects is currently working with artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard who have been commissioned by Mute Records to produce a serices of short films and they are looking for you to participate.

‘Do you love me like I love you’ is a series of short films that will accompany the official remastered re-issues of each of the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 14 studio albums.

Each of the re-issued records will be accompanied with a DVD that will include a 5.1 stereo version of the album  and the related short film by Iain & Jane. Each film will be a simple and powerful collage of people talking directly to camera  about the songs on that album. Interviewing fans and associates, both well known and unknown, Iain and Jane want to capture  people talking candidly about the songs they love from the band’s history; discussing the first time they heard a song, what it  means to them, how it makes them feel, the stories the songs tell and the ways in which the band has soundtracked their  lives.

What will it involve?

Filming will take no more than one hour of your time. They want you to go along with a list of the songs that mean the most to you then they’ll film just your head and shoulders talking directly to camera with Jane behind the camera asking you lots of  questions about the songs you’ve selected.

This is the schedule:

London: 28th July-2nd August + 11th-14th September 2008

New York: 12th-16th August 2008

Melbourne: 20th – 24th August 2008

Berlin: 31st August-2nd September 2008

If you are interested then contact:

Mike Holdsworth, Production Manager. Email: or call: 07768 466 035

Find out more at


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