Want your ArtWork on the Silver Screen???

UKType is collaborating with the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (part of Birmingham City University) on the production of ‘Baskerville’ – a short animation celebrating the life, work and
influence of the city’s typographic genius (http://www.baskervilleproject.com).
The film will be premiered this autumn at the Hello Digital Festival, 23-26 October 2008. (http://www.hellodigital.net)

Production on the animation has already started and they are now looking for typographers, lettering artists, calligraphers and other creatives who would like to take part in a day of filming. Artists will be recorded while creating individual letters through drawing, carving, printing, incising etc. The letters will be used in a multi-screen installation spelling out the name Baskerville.

Filming will take place on Monday 22 September 2008 in the Milo Studio, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Gosta Green, Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 7DX.

If you would like to get involved and see your work on the silver screen don’t hesitate to contact:

Caroline Archer | caroline@uktype.com < mailto:caroline@uktype.com>
| 0121 766 7948

David Osbaldestin | David.Osbaldestin@bcu.ac.uk <


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