London Fashion Week Through The Eyes Of Frances Phillips

As you all know this week is London Fashion Week. The one week that is solely dedicated to the wonderful world of fashion- held in the exciting centre of London. British fashion is celebrated.

Yesterday I traveled to the big city to see firsthand the fantastic venues and exquisite clothing on the catwalks. I was definitely very excited to see what will be the ‘must haves’ for spring/summer 09. Walking around the exhibition I was very impressed indeed, the colours and materials were fabulous- In fact the whole experience of London Fashion Week is fabulous. Looking around at the clothing it is as though I have walked into another world. The Fashion industry is like a fairy tale world – Vivienne Westwood is the Queen, Karl Largerfeld as the King, Henry Holland as a Prince and Stella McCartney as a Princess. Sounds like a pretty fabulous world doesn’t it?

After the Exhibition I ventured over to the Hospital Club where a catwalk event called ‘Make Your Mark in Fashion’ was being held. Designer names such as Junky Styling and Enamore acted as mentors to young students or graduates. They helped them create unique designs as well as successfully presenting their collections. Their work was fantastic, the designs and the tailoring were faultless. I partially liked the group –Mia as the collection practically made me gasp, (The Image left)it was beyond doubt unique and quirky- I loved it. I also loved what the show represented, how these companies have given their time to help these students was truly touching and certainly questions the stereotypical label that the Fashion Industry holds on its shoulders.


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