London Fashion Week Through The Eyes Of Frances Phillips

Yesterdays show was amazing, Jacob Kimmie showed in the beautiful building of Canning House. The Theme was Debutante in which the building complimented the style of the collection perfectly. Fashion TV was there to film the show and backstage as well as interviewing Jacob himself. There were two show stopping dresses on display created by couture designer Kate Mead, she had made them purely by hand and ‘They both took roughly 8 months to make’ she told me. The dresses were astonishing -one of which was worn by supermodel Alex Weck and caused the audience to gasped with admiration, the other dress weighing just over four stone and was sadly too heavy for a model to walk in, so instead the dress was put on a dummy in the entrance of the House- which worked flawlessly whilst people arrived as they were amazing by the dress and it gave them a shy tasting of what to expect from the show.

All the pieces by Jacob Kimmie were beautiful; they had a elegant touch whilst creating a sophisticated but very sexy look. Through out the collection the ‘Jacob Kimmie’ black and white trademark -either pokka dot or stripped pattern was seen complimenting the clothing, The clash of the fabric patterns was fabulously done and created a extremely unique and contemporary look. The contrast of the vintage style with a 21st century touch was exquisite. Tara Palmer Tomkinson was especially impressed with the show and seemed very keen in investing in some of Jacobs pieces.

This has been Jacob Kimmie’s first independent Show and according to the feedback-it certainly won’t be his last.


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