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Fused Fave Mr Jon Bounds – the man behind the wonderful ‘Birmingham its Not Shit‘ site has this wonderful idea that could be either a complete sign of madness or genius – you decide:

The fine folks of Birmingham are invited to spend eleven hours on the famous eleven bus (which takes you on a tour of Birmingham’s outer circle – the longest urban bus routes in Europe) on the eleventh of November – hence 11-11-11.

On the eleventh of November we’re inviting anyone with an interest to spend eleven hours on the eleven bus starting at eleven am in “Birmingham: It’s Not Shit’s 11 11 11” (yes I know there’s four elevens there really, but even the alliteration starts to drag after a bit). The rules are

  • Get on the 11C at 11am (or as near as dammit) on 11/11.
  • Get off the 11C at 10pm — 11 hours later — (or as near as dammit) on 11/11.
  • You can get on and off the bus as many times as you like (don’t spend more than an hour off bus).
  • Document your journey; photos, film, writing, cross-stitch, knitting, amigurumi, poetry, blog, twitter, however you like.
  • Meet up with others as mad as you, if you want.
  • Record everything here — or on your own space and link us up.

The idea is that a snapshot of the real Birmingham from a number of different people will emerge, one that’s unedited, unspun, and unwashed. Circling the city will force the gaze inward, focussing our attention exclusively on our municipality. It’ll also freak out the drivers, who normally expect passengers to have a destination in mind.

We look forward to seeing the results which will hopefully make a wonderful archive and a potentially great art exhibition.


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Update from The Big Picture

Big Picture online Editor Jon Bounds sends this update about the site:

I’m pleased to say that it’s now possible to be part of The Big Picture direct from your mobile phone, so you can show us whatever you’re doing!
To add a photo by MMS send it with BIGPIC first in the text of your message to 60300.
You can add a title if your phone gives you a Subject: field, and tell us a story in the text of your message (even leave your name).
Texts cost your network operator’s standard rate. We may in the future use your number to send you free information about The Big Picture – you can text STOP to 60300 to stop those.
Pictures uploaded by text go into our “byMMS” album:


There are around 36,000 images on the site now and they need around 100,000 to break the world record so get sending.

If you have any problems uploading/sending email support@inthebigpicture.co.uk.

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